Project Gallery

Fire & EMS

Eagan Fire Dept

The Eagan, MN Fire Department No. 4 organizes their turnout gear with GearGrid’s 24” Wall Mount Lockers, as well as stainless steel GearHangers for added organization. Our larger Secure Boxes are included to provide additional security and storage for its users.

Forest Lake Fire Dept

Forest Lake Fire & Rescue uses GearGrid’s Free Standing Tube Wall Structure, which provides an additional and alternative mounting option for our Wall Mount Lockers. The perimeter of the room is outlined with 24” Wall Mount Lockers, allowing for additional locker openings to store turnout gear. Secure boxes have been added for added security and storage, and can be mounted at varying heights. The department also uses GearGrid’s Broom/Wash Centers, coupled with our Scuba Shock Extensions, to properly dry their dive suits.

Mt Jackson Fire Dept

Mt. Jackson Rescue & Fire solve their storage needs with GearGrid’s 20” Wall Mount Lockers, allowing the department to properly protect and store their turnout gear. For additional customization, they chose one of our seven standard colors; Monarch Black.

Central Islip

The Central Islip Fire District No. 2 chooses to organize their gear using a combination of GearGrid’s 18” Wall Mount Lockers and 18” Mobile 6-Pack Lockers. The GearHanger, coupled with the GearDryer makes the perfect combination for effectively hanging and drying turnout gear.

Inter-County Vol Fire Dept

The Inter-County Volunteer Fire Department solves their storage needs by using GearGrid’s Mini Mobile Hose System with six SCBA and two hose storage shelves. A 6’ Slinger Workstation with stainless steel top, and backboard rack is used for equipment repairs and additional storage. GearGrid’s Slinger Workstations are completely customizable to each customers’ storage needs.

Sale Creek Fire Department

The Sale Creek Fire Department chose to customize their space using GearGrid®’s Standard Wall Mount Lockers, coupled with Top-Side Storage for additional storage space on top of the lockers. Additional accessories, including Stow-Away Seats, GearHangers and GearDryers provided added organization to each locker.

Miami Dade

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department #76 organizes some of their turnout gear with GearGrid’s Double-Tier Lockers. With a limited amount of space, the added locker openings provide the department with space where full height, individual lockers do not permit.

Slinger Fire Department

The Slinger Fire Department uses a combination of GearGrid’s Wall Mount and Mobile Lockers that are outfitted with several of our accessories, including Secure Boxes, GearHangers, and HeavyHangers. Two 6’ Slinger Workstations set side-by-side with a granite laminate top, provides for a convenient work and storage station.

Athletic & Education

Florida Gators

Florida Gators Equipment stores their helmets during the off-season using GearGrid’s Suffolk Systems. The units are outfitted with flat shelves and lockable doors to ensure security of equipment. The Autumn White color, paired with the Gator’s logo makes the systems unique to their storage needs.

Bethel University

Bethel University organizes their athletic locker rooms with GearGrid’s Grid-Iron Team Lockers, which includes a functional seat with locking capabilities. The Double-Tier Lockers are used to provide more locker openings where full-height lockers do not permit. Locking, mobile casters allow the lockers to be moved and configured in any combination. The woodgrain laminate panels, with MDF core provide the perfect secure doors to meet Bethel’s storage needs.

Jamestown University

The University of Jamestown’s football locker room is organized with GearGrid’s Grid-Iron Team Lockers. Pull-down shoulder pad and helmet holders are included to effectively dry and store equipment for the next game.

Law Enforcement

Hennepin County SWAT

The Hennepin County SWAT facility stores their tactical gear using GearGrid’s 24” Wall Mount Lockers coupled with stainless steel GearHangers, allowing them to properly store and effectively organize their gear.

NAS Whiting Field Paraloft

NAS Whiting Field Navy Base organizes their pilot training gear using 24” Wall Mount Lockers with adjustable floor mounts. Secure boxes are included to provide a convenient location for personal items, and lockable doors ensure security.

Brooklyn Park Swat

The Brooklyn Park SWAT facility organizes their gear with GearGrid’s 24” Wall Mount Lockers. Each locker includes an individual GearHanger that allows for added organization. Stow-Away Seats are included to provide convenient seating for dressing, and easily fold into the locker for compact storage.