GridIron SecureBox

GridIron SecureBox
  • Fire Large Secure Box
  • GearGrid Fire Accessory, Large Firefighter Secure Box, with Secure Locking Door, Heavy-Duty Construction, Orange
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The GridIron SecureBox provides a safe compartment for storing valuables when the lifting seat is secured with a padlock. The SecureBox mounts securely to the bottom grid panel in the footlocker compartment and is accessible when the seat is lifted.

Size: 12″ W x 12″ H x 6″ D
Construction: 18 gauge welded steel body
Mounting: 10 gauge, heavy-duty mounting plate mounts under the locker and the SecureBox is bolted from inside with fasteners
Door: Optional Secure Door with padlock hasp can be added to the GridIron SecureBox, allowing the unit to be mounted to the locker side panels


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