DVR System 3 Boat

DVR System 3 Boat
  • Law Enforcement 3 Boat DVR System

The Drowning Victim Recovery (DVR) Drag System aids in the quick recovery of drowning victims, particularly in rivers or other areas with limited visibility or other challenges, using standard watercraft and limited personnel and resources. More than hardware alone, the system provides a comprehensive recovery method that has proven successful time and time again. In fact, the average recovery time using the system is less than four hours, based on 70 recovery attempts (68 of which were successful) over 30 years. For a free DVD demo, information and pricing, contact GearGrid today.


  • Three Heavy-Duty DVR Drag Bars with Super Durable TGIC Powder Coat Finish
  • 18 No. 12/0 Treble Hooks with Duratin finish
  • 18 S-Hooks
  • Three 50′, ½” double-braided nylon ropes
  • Three snap swivel connectors

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