Where Can I Find a GearGrid Distributor?


Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador – Micmac Fire & Safety Source Limited (www.mmfss.ca)

Quebec – L’Arsenal (www.larsenal.ca)

Ontario – Darch Fire (www.darchfire.com)


Minnesota – Emergency Response Solutions (www.ers-mn.com)

All other states should show GearGrid contact info sales@geargrid.com

What color options are available for GearGrid product?

Product Specification can be found in the Product Specifications tab on this website. If you can’t find what you need, please contact us at 888-643-6694 or email us at: sales@GearGrid.com

Where Can I Find Assembly and Installation Instructions for my GearGrid Product?

We have a full line of assembly instructions in PDF format. For access to GearGrid Product Installation instructions, please contact us at sales@GearGrid.com

Who can I hire to install my GearGrid storage equipment if we need help?

GearGrid offers assembly and installation services throughout the United States. Please contact us for additional information. sales@geargrid.com   888-643-6694

Where can I purchase Name Plates?

Please visit our partner Foerster Signs at www.firehouseid.com

What color options are available for GearGrid product?

Please visit our color charts section from the Resource Library.

What are payment terms and options

GearGrid accepts payment via check, credit card or wire transfer. Please contact GearGrid for specific payment terms. sales@geargrid.com   888-643-6694

What quantity configurations are available for wall mount lockers?

GearGrid lockers can be ordered and arranged in any desired quantity. Locker runs can be as small as 1 locker up to any quantity needed.

What are the available options for lockers other than wall mount?

GearGrid lockers are available in mobile or floor mount options. Additionally, we offer a Free Standing Tubular Frame Wall that can be used to mount lockers anywhere in your facility.

What accessories come standard with GearGrid lockers?

Most GearGrid lockers come with 2 adjustable shelves and 3 apparel hooks. GridIron and Personnel lockers come standard with 1 adjustable shelf, 3 hooks and a lifting seat.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Locker and storage system production lead-times vary throughout the year, however 4 – 6 weeks is fairly typical. Some items, such as accessories are stocked and ship in 1 – 2 weeks.

Please contact GearGrid for current lead-times sales@geargrid.com 888-643-6694.

How does GearGrid differ from the competition?

GearGrid is proud to manufacture our products in the USA with American Standard materials and processes. Our products are proven to stand-up-to the most rugged environments and will provide you the best value available. Instead of following, we prefer to be the industry leader.

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