Customize GearGrid’s Law Enforcement Lockers with Innovative Accessories

Finding ways to properly dry and store your tactical gear is critical to prolonging its use. GearGrid believes your gear and equipment deserve to be organized and protected within its storage systems.

The creation of GearGrid’s innovative accessories offer the ideal solutions to all of your tactical storage challenges. Your gear and equipment can be properly stored and organized in preparation for any call, at any time. All of GearGrid’s accessories are built with law enforcement personnel in mind. Constructed of only heavy-duty materials and attentive craftsmanship to stand up to your daily demands.

GearGrid’s innovative accessories intend to satisfy everyone’s unique tactical storage needs. They offer convenient seats for lacing boots, secure storage boxes for weapons and a variety of hangers for organization. GearGrid’s tactical storage lockers are built with complete customization and modularity. Each locker can be outfitted exactly the same or completely different to satisfy everyone’s storage challenges.

GearGrid’s Law Enforcement Standard Wall Mount and Mobile Lockers come standard with two adjustable shelves and three apparel hooks. Their Law Enforcement Personnel Wall Mount and Mobile Lockers come standard with one adjustable shelf and three apparel hooks. Choose from any of GearGrid’s accessories to organize your tactical storage locker, your way.

A variety of GearGrid Accessories:

Tactical Gear Hang-Bar – The horizontal hanging rod provides added organization with long-lasting stainless steel construction.

Tactical Locker Secure Storage Box – The powder-coated, aluminum SecueBox provides a safe location for personal items.

Power Bar for Law Enforcement Lockers Adds an electrical receptacle to each locker to keep pagers, phones, flashlights and tools charged and ready.

Tactical Gear Drying Hangers – Constructed of ¼” stainless steel and are the strongest traditional shape hanger you will find anywhere.

Law Enforcement Helmet Holder Protect headgear with this innovative, yet simple accessory, powder coated for long-lasting durability.

Tactical Locker Stow-Away Seat – Provides a convenient seat that folds into the locker for compact storage.

Tactical Locker-Top Shelf – Store additional gear or bulky items, such as bags and equipment, on top of lockers.

Any of GearGrid’s accessories can provide you with a solution to organize your gear and equipment any way you choose. GearGrid listens to your needs and will continue to satisfy your toughest storage challenges.


GearGrid believes you and your gear deserve to be protected and safe. As a proud American manufacturer, GearGrid ensures their storage solutions do just that. For more information on all of GearGrid’s innovative tactical accessories, email or call 1-888-634-6694.


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