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The Industry Standard for PPE Storage was created in 1998 with the introduction of the GearGrid Turn Out Gear Locker. Since then, other look-a-like products have come and gone. When the Facts, Features and Benefits are reviewed side by side, it becomes clear that there is much more to determine Best Value than meets the eye. Thank you for taking the time to investigate and evaluate your options. Please let us know if you have any questions.


GearGrid Turn Out Gear Lockers


  • Manufactured in the USA with ASTM spec materials.
  • Square Grid – Easy to adjust shelves in 3” Increments.
  • Back Wall Panel is standard, for additional storage and accessory mounting space, wall protection and security.
  • Top & Bottom Rails are built to span sections of 2 or 3 openings, for better more rigid support and durability.
  • Durable TGIC Powder Coat Finish for UV stability.
  • Rugged .192” Wire Apparel Hooks – Hooks snap in place.
  • HangBar option – Stainless Steel, securely attached in each opening. Able to adjust height of bar within each locker.
  • Large Nameplate Holder accepts commercially produced professional name placards.


  • Manufactured off-shore with unknown spec materials.
  • Diagonal Grid – difficult to adjust shelves and accessories, some locations n/a due to grid intersection placement.
  • Back Wall Panel is an additional cost option.
  • Rails are constructed in single openings, requiring more hardware joints.
  • Epoxy Finish, not UV stable, finish can “chalk” over time.
  • Flimsy hooks, slipped over grid, easy accidental detachment from locker.
  • Long pole, Non-stainless, zinc plated, spanning several openings. Not securely supported or attached. Bar, and therefore upper shelf, must be at same height across multiple lockers.
  • Small Nameplate Holder.

Mobile Lockers


  • All casters swivel and have locking capabilities.
  • Back Panels provided on all mobile lockers.


  • Only 2 casters have locking capabilities.
  • 3 Packs are not standard with a back panel.
  • Red only, due to importation lead time.

Color Choices

Red, White, Blue, Green, Burgundy, Gray or Black.

Optional Accessories Not offered by Competitor

  • Power Bar 120VAC Outlet Rail
  • Top Side Storage Shelf
  • Binder Rack
  • Stowaway Seat

Other Benefits for your Department when partnering with GearGrid:

GearGrid offers a Full Line of Equipment Handling and Storage Solutions, to create a unified look, function and quality standard throughout the facility. Factory Direct Distribution, no reseller network, ensures consistent Service and Pricing across the US regardless of facility location.
Custom applications available; work directly with Design, Engineering and Production team members.

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All comparative information is based on material currently publicly available as of 1/1/14. If any errors are found they are unintentional and GearGrid will correct the information as soon as it is reported to us and confirmed. Please send any comments or concerns to